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We all want white teeth


We all want white teeth.  How do you get those pearly whites?  What is the best way to achieve that glow?  Do you hesitate to bleach because you don’t know which method is the best? The fastest?  The most effective?  Are you worried about the safety of bleaching?  At Dr. Vo’s Rochester Hills dental office, we can help you with all of these questions and more.  We will help you eliminate any doubt and choose the best bleaching method for you.

Over the counter (OTC) products vs. in-office teeth whiteners.  There are various teeth whiteners that you can buy just about anywhere today.  They aren’t hard to find; the drug store, the grocery store, just about anywhere you can find a section for tooth products.  Whiteners come in all different shapes and sizes; toothpastes, gel strips, rinses, gums, and even whitening trays.  Most of these have ingredients that remove surface stains and provide a gradual lightening of your teeth.  Although easy to obtain your hands on, whitening toothpastes can bring on sensitivity, gel strips need to be used for up to 3 weeks, rinses aren’t in your mouth long enough to make a dramatic difference, and store-bought whitening trays tend to be ill-fitting. The bottom line is this: you can achieve some whitening with store-bought products, but the effect is likely to be slight to moderate.  The store-bought products just don’t have the same power and effectiveness as the in-office products that are available through your dental professional.

At Dentate Smile Design, we can help you achieve that movie star smile.  We have two main types of brightening.  First, we have a take-home whitening kit.  This is custom fit to your teeth (no oozing of bleach onto your tender gums). A more effective solution than the over the counter type is used with these trays. You’ll achieve a brighter smile fast. Our second option is ZOOM Whitening.  An hour and a half in our chair, and you leave the office with a whiter smile.  You’ll also receive a take home bleach tray, custom fit to your mouth,  to perk up the brightness of your teeth when you feel like they’re beginning to lose their luster.

So, go ahead and drink your coffee and wine.  Eat your spaghetti and other wonderful tasting but staining foods.  Dr. Vo and her staff at her Rochester Hills dental office can help you achieve and maintain the bright white smile you have always wanted.







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