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Orthodontic Treatment


orthodontic-treatment-pictureAt our Rochester Hills Dental practice, helping our patients protect their valuable investment in orthodontic treatment is one of our top priorities.  Dr. Tate Vo and her team emphasizes the importance of oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic patients are at high risk for developing tooth decay because it is harder to keep clean of plaque between the wires and bracket.  Plaque is a sticky film that contains a collection of bacteria. If the plaque is left undisturbed, bacteria create acids. With repeated acid attacks, the tooth enamel can break down, causing a cavity to form. The first sign of a cavity is when the enamel has a chalky, white appearance.  At Dentate Smile Design, we recommend a number of ways to prevent disease and manage hygiene issues that may arise with orthodontic treatment.

Patients with orthodontic treatment should come to the office for cleanings every three or four months.   This will allow us to determine how the patient is doing with oral home care and modify any changes based on their needs.  Removing accumulated plaque and calculus will also allow the tissue to continue to stay healthy. Fluoride treatments every three to four months are a great way to help prevent cavities for individuals with orthodontic appliances.

At our Rochester Hills Dental Practice, we recommend an electric toothbrush for orthodontic individuals. Electric toothbrushes will help remove plaque and help the patient to brush for the recommended two minutes.  Other tools like a waterpik, interproximal brush, etc. are customized to each individual need to effectively remove plaque. Dietary counseling is provided for all our patients with regards to their oral hygiene goals.

Once orthodontic treatment is completed, excess bonding material (from the brackets) may remain on the teeth. It is important to remove the excess bonding material to prevent additional plaque buildup.  If the individual was not compliant with their oral hygiene during the orthodontic process, a prescription tooth paste is prescribed to reverse the areas of decalcification (refer to the photo below).


The end process of orthodontic treatment is an exciting time for each individual.  By working closely with Dr. Vo and her team to provide the most preventive care during and after the orthodontic appliances are removed, we will help to ensure a healthy outcome.

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Emily W

Loved my first experience at Dr. Vo’s office! I’m a bit hesitant in visiting the dentist and Dr. Vo came as a recommendation from both of my parents. The office setting is so calming and inviting as soon as you walk in. Each staff member was attentive, welcoming, and personable including Dr. Vo. She as well as her assistant let me know each step they were doing and what would be involved. It was also such a nice treat to have the parafin wax treatment and the massage chair! I would recommend Dr. Vo to anyone!

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