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In-Office Crown Milling vs Traditional Crowns

Our Rochester Hills Dental Office creates and places custom designed crowns to provide a natural looking smile. A crown is a cap that fits completely over your existing tooth. The purpose of a crown is to reinforce a tooth that is damaged or decayed. Dentate Smile Design provides natural looking dental crowns in a single visit. This process is an effective computer aided manufacturing program that is used by Dr. Vo to design a beautifully matching crown or onlay that is ready to place as soon as it is finished. Another advantage is Dr. Vo, the leader here at Dentate, has specific training and expertise in the field of prosthodontics — that’s the design and fitting of artificial teeth — that gives her a unique understanding of how to make a crown feel ‘right’ in your mouth.

How does this work?

The process begins with Dr. Vo taking a digital impression of the individual’s mouth by scanning it with an infrared camera. Then, that image is sent to the machine’s computer. Dr. Vo uses the machine’s software program to design the crown. Once the design is complete, the milling process begins. Then Dr. Vo seats the crown on the tooth to make sure there no other adjustments needed. Hand polishing is completed to give the crown a more natural appearance. The crown is then place inside a specialized ceramic oven for firing.

Alternatively, when crowns are sent to the lab, Dr. Vo will personally prepare your tooth, make impressions of it, and then carefully fit you with comfortable, natural-looking temporaries. She sends the accurate impressions to the lab to start creation of the crown, but she has the lab send the models back before the lab performs the final steps. That’s because the most common problem with a crown is the ‘margin fit’ — the area where the crown’s bottom edge, your gum line, and the root of your tooth all come together. If that part doesn’t fit, the crown will never be comfortable or feel natural. Dr. Vo marks the margins of each crown she seats personally.  Once the crown is back from the lab, the patient will return to our office to cement the permanent crown.

What are the benefits of same day crowns?

It will take one visit to the dental office instead of two. Unlike traditional crowns, same day crowns require no plastic temporary crown or getting numb for the second time. The digitally scanning of the mouth requires no impressions or putty. The digital scanning and milling provides a precise fit and aligns properly with your other teeth. At Dr. Vo’s office, we offer high quality ceramic crowns that look, is durable, and contains no metal(no black line appearance).

When does a crown get sent to a lab?

At Dentate Smile Design, a crown is sent to a lab when there is a variation in translucency and shade of a patient’s smile. Also, when an implant is placed, Dr. Vo works hand in hand with the implant specialist and dental laboratory technician. If an individual has a limited time restraint, the crown will be sent to the lab to avoid additional waiting time.

At our Rochester Hills Dental Office, Dr. Vo and her team is ready to consult with you on all your options and make the best decision for that smile you have always wanted. She is here to assist you in achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.


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