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The Importance of Blood Pressure

Why does my dental office check my blood pressure?  Blood pressure is the reading of the amount of force your circulating blood exerts on your blood vessels.  The first measurement (top number) is expressed as the systolic pressure, which is the peak pressure in the arteries when the heart is contracting. The second reading (bottom number) is the lowest pressure when the heart muscle is at rest between beats.  Hypertension, usually referred to as high blood pressure, is the most common diagnosis in the United States and is a major cause of a public health concern: cardiovascular disease.

One of the first things to ocnormal-blood-pressurecur at Dentate Smile Design during your routine dental appointment is a blood pressure check.  Completing a comprehensive medical history form, disclosing daily medications, and seemly providing a dental history is an integral part of the standard of care at Dr. Tate Vo’s office.  Sadly many individuals are not under a primary physicians care for hypertension, which can be a silent killer. At Dentate Smile Design, blood pressure is taken routinely and a patient that is hypertensive will be checked at every hygiene visit.  Taking blood pressure at our office can play an important role in screening for disease that can affect your dental and systemic health. Also, it serves as a point of reference to help in managing an unlikely event of an emergency, should there be one during your dental treatment.


CategorySystolic Pressure(mmHg)Diastolic Pressure (mmHg)
Normal< 120< 80
Stage 1 Hypertension140-15990-99
Stage 2 Hypertension>160>100


If individual are in the pre-hypertensive stage, they are considered at risk for hypertension.  Stage 1 and 2 hypertension indicates a need for an evaluation with a primary physician.  Untreated hypertension may cause cerebrovascular disease (stroke), renal disease, and other systemic diseases.

Appropriate monitoring of blood pressure cannot only improve outcomes of dental care, but can play a role in improving the overall health of individuals.  Dental care at Dentate Smile Design in Rochester Hills is more than teeth cleaning and restoring teeth to optimal health, we also understand how your overall health affects your dental health.

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Brooke D.

Words can’t explain how much Dr. Vo and her staff mean to me! They are amazing! They make you feel comfortable, if you don’t understand something they will take their time and explain it to you. I can happily say I can’t wait till my next appointment. ( which is going to be the scariest, I’m getting my wisdom teeth remove) but can’t wait to see them!

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