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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

Whether you are from Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Hill, Troy, Sterling Hgts., or the surrounding areas, it is always important to make sure your dentist is doing an oral cancer exam at least once per year.

Annually, at a cleaning appointment, Dr. Vo does an oral cancer screening.  She checks all areas of your mouth; around your gums, under your tongue, your cheeks, the roof and floor of your mouth, as well as your throat, for anything that appears unusual.  Should she notice something unusual she will go over what she is seeing and what your best course of action is.

Additionally, we have ViziLite available in our office.  It is an in-depth oral cancer screening.  Its advantage is detecting possible abnormalities before they can be seen with the naked eye. (Small cost associated)

Where does oral cancer occur?

About two-thirds of cancer of the mouth, or oral cavity occurs, in the floor of mouth and tongue.  It can also occur in the upper or lower jaw, lips, gums, and cheek lining. Just behind the mouth is an area known as the orophyarnx.  Oropharygeal cancer (1/3 of cases) occurs in the back of the tongue, tonsils and throat tissue.

Who is most at risk for oral cancer?

People who use tobacco are six times more likely to develop oral cancer. Eight of ten oral cancer patients are smokers.  People with a history of oral human papilloma virus (HPV) infections are at greater risk of developing oral cancer, even if they don’t smoke or drink.  Finally, heavy alcohol drinkers are also more at risk. Eighty percent of people diagnosed with oral cancer consumer more than 21 drinks weekly.

What are the warning signs of oral cancer?

  • Red or white patches in or around the mouth
  • Mouth sores or ulcers that bleed easily and do not heal
  • Unexplained lumps in the neck, throat, or floor of the mouth
  • Difficulty or discomfort swallowing
  • Pain and tenderness in teeth or gums
  • Change in the fit of dentures or partial dentures
  • Visible change in mouth tissue
  • Unpleasant sensations (pain, discomfort, numbness)
  • Diminished ability to perform normal functions such as opening jaw, chewing, or swallowing
  • Unexplained swelling or fullness in the neck

How can you prevent oral cancer?

The American Cancer Society recommends a comprehensive oral evaluation and soft tissue examination annually, yet only one in five patients report having an oral cancer exam in the last year. Dr Vo, as a prosthodontist, is trained to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth, including the associated structures in the head and neck area. An oral cancer screening is painless.   Treatment for advanced oral cancer is not.  Dr. Vo is committed to help you maintain and achieve your best possible dental health.  This includes the extra step of being committed to all your concerns.  Give us a call today to set up an appointment and start your journey into a healthy dental relationship!

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