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Assessing Your Smile

Assessing Your Smile

An attractive, confident smile can be one of your most valuable assets. It is often the first thing people notice about you.  There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you have a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.  Dr. Tate Vo would love to help you acquire the smile you have always dreamt of.  There are several different dental procedures that can enhance your smile.  When Dr. Vo assesses your smile, she is not only looking for what is in need of care but also what you want to change about the appearance of your smile.


The first visit will consist of several questions to help Dr. Vo understand what you are hoping for in your overall oral health and appearance. Here are a few of the general questions below.

  • Are you pleased with the general appearance of your teeth and smile?  If not, why?
  • Are your teeth straight?
  • Are you satisfied with the color and shape of your teeth?
  • Are any of your teeth chipped?  Protruding?  Hiding behind other teeth?
  • Are you satisfied with the way your teeth come together (how they bite)?
  • Are your gums puffy, red or swollen looking?  Do they bleed easily?
  • Do you have old fillings or dental work that makes you less confident about your smile & appearance?
  •  What would you most like to change about the appearance of your teeth?
  •  How would you like your teeth to look?


Depending on how these and other questions may be answered, you and Dr. Vo can start to formulate a treatment plan that works toward obtaining a great smile. Some of the tools she uses to determine a plan are; photos, x-rays, models of your teeth, and diagnostic wax-ups (models with the cosmetic changes for your approval). The diagnostic wax-up gives Dr. Vo has a blue print (or template) to follow.  This is where communication of any changes can be re-sculpted to help design the shape, length, and width of the teeth; to frame the smile you’re dreaming of.


Dr. Vo has extensive training and experience as a Prosthodontist with a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile, the preservation of a healthy mouth, and the creation of tooth replacements.

Assessing Your Smile Before-After

Assessing Your Smile Before/After

Client Reviews

Ronald G.

This tooth decay removal and filling was my first dental procedure beyond routine cleanings and oral exams with Dr. Vo. My appointment was conveniently scheduled and began promptly after my arrival to Dr. Vo’s office. The procedure was painless and the bite adjustment afterwards was completely satisfactory; no return visit was necessary to improve the teeth meshing. Nevertheless, an assistant of Dr. Vo’s phoned me the next day to see if I was experiencing any bite problems, pain or other side effects (I was not). I have always been highly satisfied with the quality of care that I received from Dr. Bailey (at this same location) in the past, and Dr. Vo is certainly continuing that same level of professional service.

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