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How to Reduce a Child’s Anxiety at the Dental Office

    The foundation of a child’s experience is a key factor when visiting our Rochester Hills Dental Office. Our primary goal during their dental visit is to lead the children step by step so that they develop a positive attitude towards dentistry. At Dentate Smile Design, it’s all about fun and excitement as your child arrives at our office.

We provide a kid-friendly environment that helps prepare them for their dental visit. We encourage them to be “doctor for a day”. They don gloves and mask, then “go to work” brushing our smiley toothed stuffed animals teeth in the dental chair. We allow them to use our tools, “Mr. Thirsty”, and water to spray inside the animal’s mouth. By using some of our tools of the trade, kids feel more comfortable when it’s their turn to be the patient. Our dental team use the tell-show- do method. We tell them what is going to be done, show them using their finger nails or hands, and apply it inside their mouth. It helps remove the mystery and familiarize them with the dental setting.

For the Parents:

Children who have pleasant dental appointments when they are very young are likely to have a favorable outlook toward dental care. The dental appointments are very important in this attitude formation. Our dental staff at our Rochester Hills Practice enjoy seeing children and know how to work with them, but parents, play an important role in getting children started with a good attitude.

It has been investigated that there is a significant correlation between maternal/paternal anxiety and a child’s cooperative behavior at the dental office. High anxiety on the part of parents tends to affect their children’s behavior negatively. It is recommended for parental presence in the dental room to be minimal. If the parent is in the room or preparing their child for their dental visit, it is important to be careful in selecting words and phrases.

Words to Avoid:     

  • Hurt                                      
  • Shot                                      
  • Pain
  • Sharp
  • Needle
  • Pinch
  • Sting
  • Pull
  • Drill                                       
  • Syringe
  • Blood
  • Cavities                               
  • Suction

Please remember that your positive attitude and example with your own dental visit will leave the child feeling more comfortable and confident about their experience. With early visits, we can help in kid’s fun ways to keep an overall healthy mouth. These guidelines will help in preventing dental anxiety at your child’s visit and giving them a comfortable feeling about the dentist. Our Rochester Hills dentistry will work together with you and your child to make visiting the dentist regularly more of an adventure, and show them how to acheive a healthy and happy smile for a lifetime!

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Bonnie F

Dr. Vo is very gentle and thorough in everything she does.  I have recommended patients to her and they are as pleased as I am with the results – and these have been some very complicated procedures. I would tell anyone considering dental work to see Dr. Vo first.  Thank you Dr. Vo!

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